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questions?   welcome to my closet guys! I only pick out the best pieces of things I have worn or would love to wear!

All payments are made through paypal. CLICK TO PURCHASE to buy any of the pieces, if you have any questions feel free to ask

Policy: First come first serve. Holds for 24hrs. No returns unless garment is outstandingly misrepresented.

Shipping: $7 - $12 worldwide

$ 12, VINTAGE SILK BLOUSE, silk, free size (S-L)

Every girl needs a simple silk blouse. It goes with everything! Perfect for wearing under sweaters or over-sized coats.

for an extra $5 I’ll add 6 of my rare vintage studs so you can DIY a collar like mine!

for another $5 (making it $10) I’ll add the studs for you! And you’ll have your own Avant Blargh original!

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